After nap activity.

Coloring activity become taking out crayon activity


Found a wallet yest.

Left a Facebook post on our estate's Facebook page but were no replies.

So we were a bit sian , cos we need to go to the police station, return and make report. You know mafan. But decided to pay it forward.

I also lost my hp in vivo last month, but someone returned to the customer service and I got back my hp. I was so thankful!

I decided to find ways not to go police station and hence searched for the guy's name. And…

He was my friend's mutual friend!


Immediately msged her and she gave him a call and he was going "NO WAY!!!" He said he was about to call all the credit card companies to block his cards.

Yay to him! And yay to us!

Anyway, felt good to have something good for the day. 😊😊😊


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